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Stephanie Scott on Social Media

Stepahnie Scott came to speak to the chapter on social media campaigns on September 30th 2015. She gave us the 10 basic steps and told us some of what she thought about her job .

10 steps for successful social media campaigns:

1. Define goals

2. Identify target markets

3. Craft key messages

4. Establish tone of voice

Maybe using pics if people that remind you of the brand.

5. Choose platforms

6. Develop strategic plan

Outline gost, timeline, roles, what channels to use, look and feel (logos and colors or things they have done previously)

7. Draft content calendar

How frequent will you post, time of day you will post, clear call to action, secure client approvals before posting

8. Launch and manage

Native posting verses schedule, monitor for replies, engage as appropriate (keep same tone of voice established)

9. Measure and report

Include data like channel growth, post reach and engagement, clicks, contest entries, website visits, insights and recommendations, ad spend and performance, influencer outreach (like bloggers or social media celebs and offer free gift for their post about our product) and engagements- use this data as well with social media screenshots

10. Review, refine, and revisit

What worked, what didnt, test new ideas, etc.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The strategy piece is her favorite part of her job. She loves being able to come up with an idea and work her way through it, following it step-by-step, and ensuring that it is as successful as possible.

Extra tips:

Keep up on mashable trends on Internet, social media, and technology-mashable. Know what is going on in the world politically, environmentally, and socially.

The biggest difference in in-house and agency? They both have pros and cons. Agency work life is more creative, faster approach, stricter deadlines; while corporate/in-house-perks- you are able to establish a bigger name for yourself, sometimes more flexible deadlines, and a slower overall feel to the job.

Make face to face connections: whether it’s from school, family or work. Also CLEAN UP your social media. You might think it is okay but, if you wouldn’t want a boss (or your grandmother) to see it then don’t post it. It’s a good idea from time to time to go back and go through your photos and posts to make sure if it all clean and acceptable.

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